Not Our Fathers' Golf Tournament

Golf in daylight. Dine and celebrate. Golf under the stars.

September 7, 2019

Why should you have to create your own fun? 

How are we going to do it?

What else can you expect?

You've likely golfed in tournaments before and even when they benefit a cause you care about, they all seem alike - the same old boring format.  This is Not Our Fathers' Golf Tournament - an opportunity for you to experience an entirely different idea of what it means to play. 

Too many times the responsibility of having fun lies in the hands of the players at benefit tournaments. 

Our tournament mixes up the order of events, provides a new experience of playing after the sun sets with a glow in the dark course, and provides you with an entertaining atmosphere. 

First, you'll get the opportunity to loosen up, get some swings in, and start sinking those birdie putts.  While you eat dinner, we'll raffle off some prizes and let the sunset. Everyone will get back out on the course and try to keep the ball in the fairway in a completely different environment.

Forget those boring signs on tee boxes that no one cares about or even notices. Look forward to one-off competitions with great prizes from our sponsors on holes throughout the course. Sure, we'll do the traditional fan favorites like closest to the pin and longest drive, but we're guaranteed to have some that you've never seen before. 

Unlike traditional tournaments you won't be expected to create your own fun. Come ready to play and be entertained!